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Centella | Hydra-Protect Elixir 15ml | Moisturizes and protects
Centella | Hydra-Protect Elixir 15ml | Moisturizes and protects
Centella | Hydra-Protect Elixir 15ml | Moisturizes and protects

Centella | Hydra-Protect Elixir 15ml | Moisturizes and protects

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  • Protect and Strengthen the hydrolipidic film
  • Anti-Pollution shield
  • Soothes and Restore a luminous complexion

100% organic and natural, non-greasy formula provides the skin with the necessary nutrition and constitutes a protective barrier against external aggressions.

The body produces free radicals, which are harmful to our organism. Nature being well done, it also produces their natural shield: antioxidants.

However, pollution, overexposure to the sun, pesticides, smoking, alcohol, too fatty food… are all factors that generate more free radicals, thus creating an imbalance to the detriment of antioxidants.

Elixir Hydra-Protect+ contains Rosemary essential oil, a powerful antioxidant. The skin is thus protected from oxidative stress.

In addition, the organic essential oils of Cinnamon and Juniper, with toning properties, and Lavender, with soothing properties, the Elixir Hydra-Protect + helps to soothe the skin and restore a satiny and luminous complexion.



Composed of sebum and water, the hydrolipidic film constitutes a natural barrier to defend the skin against external aggressions and helps maintain the skin's suppleness and hydration by limiting transepidermal water loss.

Skin aging, the external environment, the limestone present in the water are all factors that alter the hydrolipidic film. It therefore plays its role as a barrier less well and promotes water loss.

To guarantee good hydration, it is therefore necessary to reconstitute the hydrolipidic film.

〖OUR SOLUTION〗Organic Sweet Almond Oil, rich in essential fatty acids, easily penetrates the layers of the epidermis and provides intense nutrition by strengthening the hydrolipidic film which will help limit dehydration of the skin and protect it. Emollient, it helps to soothe the skin and provides a soft feel like velvet.



  • 100% Deeply nourishes *
  • 97% Forms a protective shield *
  • 93% Restores the hydrolipidic film *

* Self-assessment,% satisfaction, 30 days, 29 volunteers


For normal skin: Every evening, on clean, dry skin, warm 3 drops of Elixir Hydra-Protect + between your hands and apply them to the face and neck, massaging from the inside to the outside of the face to penetrate.

For dry skin: Morning and evening, apply 3 drops of Elixir Hydra-Protect + to a clean, dry face and neck.

Beauty tip for very dry skin: You can mix 1 dose of Hydra-Booster + Serum, 1 dose of Hydra-Ressource + Cream and 3 drops of Hydra-Protect + Elixir for application in the morning in thin layers on the face and the neck. In the evening, mix 1 dose of Crème Hydra-Ressource + and 3 drops of Elixir Hydra-Protect + and apply in thin layers to the face and neck.


Ingredients: Prunus amygdalus (sweet almond) dulcis oil*, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, Centella asiatica flower/leaf/stem  extract*, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder*,  Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil*, Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark oil*, Juniperus communis (juniper)wood oil*, Pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil*, Lavandula officinalis flower oil*, Thymus saturejoides oil *, Linalool.

*Ingredients from Organic Farming.
100% of the total is of natural origin
100% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.
COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard.