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About Us

"Organique en Provence"
was established in Aix-en-Provence, south of France since 2006, with headquarters in southern California, USA. We produce only the finest, completely natural organic skin care cosmetics, as certified by an independent organization: Ecocert - approved by French authorities and Cosmebio.

"The earth is not a gift passed from our parents but a borrowing from our children."

The company philosophy is to educate, inspire, and assist the younger generations to protect the Earth¹s natural environment in order to promote a peaceful, equitable future by using, rather than abusing, the wonderful but finite treasure of Mother Nature¹s resources.

Currently we market 3 categories of product under the Organique en provence brand, which includes skincare, cleansers and baby skincare.

Since its creation, Organique en Provence finds the best products for the health and the well-being of our consumers. Our products are certified by ECOCERT which provides a label of conformity for organic agriculture, and by COSMEBIO which certifies a rigorous manufacturing of our cosmetics.

Preserving our planet
We stand for the protection of our environment through an easy and sustainable manufacturing process (mixing, emulsion, heating, cooling). 40% of our energy needs is produced by 90 meter square of solar panels which represents a reduction of 115 tones of CO2 in our atmosphere. Our packaging is eco-responsible and protect the quality of our products.

We require a perfect traceability of our raw materials. Each of our product is regularly tested under strict regulations.

The preservation of our environment is in the heart of our values : Organique en Provence has made the choice to exclusively use raw materials that are present in large amount in the nature and which has the characteristic of being renewable. The well-being of our consumers is a priority : we don¹t use any carcinogen or toxic substances. The initial ingredients of our products have their origin in vegetal (milk, honey) or mineral raw material but are also from biotechnology.